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I am Dresden, You on the other hand are not.

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I am Dresden..I live in a nowhere town full of tourists, dolts, morons, assholes, and imbeciles..I have a house, dog and a kid...I have limited friends...because most of them suck...I usually dont like people in general..but individuals..I can stand..(sometimes)...I am into music Industrial mainly..but I like punk and gothic as well..I go to shows alot..and have my own business...anything else?..ask me..but I might not tell you...like you need to fucking know anyway.....How does it feel when your heart grows cold?...Lemme 'splain.

The forest burned and with it something inside of me.

There is no place like home...so...where...am...I?

The names have been changed to protect the innocent AND the guilty.

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big country, beetlejuice,carmen electra, converse all stars, echo and the bunnymen, haitian hate gods, h.i.m.,invader zim, quoting movies, the lords of the new church, zeromancer

a flock of seagulls, adam and the ants, agent orange, amber lynn, anarchy, angelina jolie, anti authority, anxiety, apoptygma berzerk, art, bauhaus, belfegore, berlin, birmingham six, black flag, black swatch watches, blondie, buzzcocks, celtic, chaos, chasing amy, circle jerks, clerks, covenant, crank yankers, crosses, d.r.i., dag nasty, dead kennedys, depeche mode, depression, descendents, devo, disorder, doc martens, dr. know, drawing, duran duran, einstruzende neubauten, fight club, filter, front 242, frontline assembly, funker vogt, g.b.h., garbage, generation x, going to clubs, gothic, grape soda, gravity kills, gwar, hitman, husker du, industrial, insomnia, j.f.a., janes addiction, johnny cash, joy division, kill switch klick, killing joke, kmfdm, latex, laura croft, leather, lords of acid, love and rockets, m.i.a., mallrats, marilyn manson, mdfmk, ministry, minor threat, missing persons, modern english, monty python, mountain bikes, naked eyes, new order, nine inch nails, nirvana, oingo boingo, orgy, painting, patsy cline, pretty in pink, prodigy, professional murder music, punk, rammstein, razed in black, ren and stimpy, romeo void, samhain, second skin, sex pistols, sid and nancy, sigue sigue sputnik, siouxsie and the banshees, sister machine gun, sisters of mercy, skateboards, skinny puppy, social distortion, south park, stabbing westward, static-x, stiff little fingers, stone temple pilots, subhumans, suicidal tendancies, synth-pop, t.s.o.l., the 80s, the bolshoi, the breakfast club, the clash, the crow, the cure, the damned, the dead milkmen, the dickies, the fifth element, the lost boys, the matrix, the misfits, the police, the professional, the psychedelic furs, the ramones, the replacements, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the vandals, the young ones, tomb raider, tool, valley girl, vast, velvet acid christ, velvet underground, vinyl, vnv nation, wax trax, white zombie, wolfsheim, wumpscut, x, youth brigade

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